Allan Tuara

Admiration for the traditional carvings of his island (specifically traditional ceremonial adzes) and a passionate desire to keep this art alive inspires the work of Mangaian carver, Allan Tuara. Mangaia is the southern most island of the Cook Islands.

Allan’s works are replicas of traditonal Mangaian Ceremonial adzes using images he has found from his research into Mangaian history. He takes care to ensure that his adzes are as close to the original designs as possible. Each Mangaian motif is intricately carved by hand. The ornate sennit lashings, made of coconut husk fibre, he braids himself (a long and tedious process!). The adze heads he fashions from either basalt or calcite rock found naturally on Mangaia.Many long hours have gone into producing these pieces of art, but for Allan, immensely rewarding when completed. His pieces are on display in Rarotonga at Moana Gems Pearl & Art Gallery.