Cook Islands Cow Art: COOL

On May 5, 2012, Rarotonga, in The Cook Islands, saw a very interesting herd of creativity.

Students from schools across the island created and displayed cow sculptures fashioned from Anchor milk containers.

Reminescent of the famous Chicago Cows on Parade exhibit [whose idea originated in Switzerland], students were challenged to create sculptures for public display.

Chicago Cow on Parade - 1999

Cook Islands artist Judith Kunzlé visited the event in downtown Avarua.

Here are just a few of her impressions:

Paaparoa: "This is one sturdy, focused cow..."

Tikaveka: "'Titikaveka Cow'... say that fast three times! Nice shoes..."

Tereora: "Now this is high concept! A Cow Convention! A Cow Cavalcade!"

St. Joseph: "This is an anatomically correct cow! Great legs!"

Te Uki Ou: "Clearly a crowd favorite... is that her TONGUE? Wow..."

Nikao: " 'NiCow!' Chowing down... and cute kiddie cows in the Nikao Cow Corral!"


Nukutere: "Holy Cow! Check out the cool glasses for reading. Watch out for the milk!"