Cook Islands Arts Community Introduction Video

The Cook Islands Arts Community: Family & Sustainability

A group of us has been working on a project that can have very significant impact on the health and effectiveness of The Cook Islands Arts Community.

This work was inspired by the turnout at an event conducted on April 4 by Ted Nia, which indicated that there is considerable interest within our arts community for an organization that can express, advocate, and support our issues and objectives.

The mission that was established at that first session is as relevant now as it was then:

1. Showcase Cook Islands Arts and Artists nationally and internationally

2. Promote, develop, and protect the arts as a valuable national resource

3. Support all disciplines and practitioners of art in the Cook Islands

This process has produced a video which summarizes the reasons for and the objectives of a Cook Islands Arts Community Organization.

You can view this video here, in lower resolution or if you have a faster line, High Definition [HD]:

Lower Resolution

High Definition [HD]

Meitaki Maata,

Ani O’Neal
Apii Rongo
Andrea Eimke
Jackie Tuara
Jane Wichman
Jean Mason
Joan Rolls-Gragg
Judith Kunzlé
Kristina Lewis-Tatam
Marjorie Crocombe
Mereana Hutchinson
Victor Bond

and more…