Sylvia Marsters

“Sylvia Marsters’ brilliantly coloured island flowers are mesmeric – the hibiscus and frangipani blooms crowd the canvas and draw you in for a closer look”
NZ Herald 2002

Born in 1962 Cook Islands Father (Aitutaki) and Kiwi Mother…
Marsters was encouraged to seriously pursue a career in Fine Arts by NZ Artist Lois McIvor during a series of classes at Artstation in

Paringa Ou her inaugural exhibition in 1998 – initiated by NZ born Cook Islands Artist Ian George
“Many of us were born in New Zealand and never been to the Cook Islands. So this journey of our Artwork takes on a special significance. It is a spiritual return to our ‘home’”.

In 2003 she received the Cook Islands Artist residency held in Rarotonga….experiencing the Cook Islands for the first time and the opportunity to focus solely on painting.

Intimate ‘landscapes’ of flora and fauna recall the humid, lush environment of the Pacific Islands. Ebullient floral compositions also allude to evocative femininity and strong matriarchal themes.

Her work is held in private collections around the globe.