Sylvia Marsters’ BCA Gallery Show – Rarotonga 2012

Sylvia Marsters - Quintych

Sylvia did it again: she dazzled and mesmerized with her big bold flowers and luscious color contrasts.

Her favorite subjects are flowers, which she cultivates with oils on canvas. Over the last ten years, Marsters has developed her painting from photographic truthfulness to celebrating forms and now it’s all about composition.

Her gardens are now more stylized and the depth of Sylvia’s paintings is well defined. Leaves weave, appear, hide and re-emerge. Bird of Paradise flowers are bold in the foreground, while deep red hibiscus and ginger burst out from dense foliage with a myriad of forms and textures.

The calm pattern of veins of a large leaf contrast with distinct bows, kinks and curlicues of wilder leaf forms. Deeply dissected, dark and glossy breadfruit leaves nestle into a well defined jungle of happy looking ginger. Severe and robust red heliconia dominate a maze of bright green tropical plants with disciplined texture patterns.

All plants are recognizable, but knowing tropical plants is not a requirement to dive into Sylvia Marsters flamboyant paintings. They are unabashed celebrations of natural beauty, refreshing and relaxing, intricately composed yet joyful and exuberant.

Thank you Sylvia for the walk in your wonderful garden!

Sylvia Marsters - Birds of Paradise


Sylvia Marsters - Red Hibiscus


Sylvia Marsters - Heliconias