Stan Wolfgramm

Stan Wolfgramm


Executive Producer Drum Productions Ltd

Stan Wolfgramm

Stan has twice been awarded the Best Entertainment Program NZ Film & TV Awards and also nominated for Best Documentary NZ Film & TV Awards.

Stan created New Zealand’s first Pacific Youth magazine show and produced 205 Eps over 6 years.

He was awarded the Pacific Business Trusts Inaugural Pacific Navigators achievement award as a pioneer of Pacific Business Success in NZ. He is also a recipient of various other awards.

Stan Wolfgramm is a name synonymous with the promotion of New Zealand’s cultural diversity, Pacific programming, fashion and the fostering of emerging talent.

Stan has had an interesting and exciting career spanning over 25 years, starting as an actor, model and dancer, becoming a writer, producer and director, and founding Drum Productions.

During the 80s Stan honed his skills in America, Europe and Australia with national and international training and experience including a two year stint at the world famous Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York. Stan developed a natural interest and affinity for being both in front of and behind the camera working across all mediums including film, theatre and television before returning to New Zealand.

Drum Productions, the only independent mainstream production New Zealand company owned and operated by a Pacific Islander was founded by Stan in 1992 as a way for New Zealand’s multicultural voice to be heard. Its products are diverse and include the likes of live & OB broadcast Style Pasifika – a celebration of New Zealand culture, Pacific Beat St – New Zealand’s first mainstream magazine Pacific Youth TV series, Tokyo Bros – shot on location in Japan award winning documentary as well as several other influential documentaries and theatre productions.

Ask Stan to distil down what he does, he will tell you he is a storyteller. Whether it be through film, television, live theatre or stage shows, it all comes back to his inherent ability to tell a good story.

Of Cook Island, Tongan, German, New Zealand descent, Stan’s cultural identity and ethnic background have been hugely influential over his life and work.

Stan owns Drum Productions with his partner Julie. They live in Auckland New Zealand and the Cook Islands with their two sons aged 11 and 13. In his spare time he coaches his son’s rugby team, practices martial arts, stays fit at the gym and loves spending time with his family. He experiences many amazing things and meets amazing people. A typical week can see him flying with the NZ Air Force in an Iroquois helicopter, filming cancer sufferers, making jewellery with pacific artists, interviewing members of Parliament or listening to urban beat boxers.


A full house at The Cook Islands campus of the University of the South Pacific [USP] heard from and experienced the product of Stan Wolfgramm, actor, director and producer of theatrical film and commercial television.

The attentive crowd watched Dot’s Death, a short and powerful film produced by Wolfgramm, and participated in an extended exchange with him about the challenges of filmmaking in our competitive, technology-dominated culture.

Wolfgramm also introduced the crowd to FilmRaro, a program and competition designed to encourage budding filmmakers to practice their crafts in our most beautiful country.

Here’s the Film Raro video:

CLICK HERE for Film Raro

Watch more of Stan Wolfgramm’s video work HERE.