This just in… Cook Islands fashion arts feature on British Royals.

16, September, 2012 2200 hrs

University of the South Pacific Director Rod Dixon forwarded this news to us at The Cook Islands Arts Community just now. He says:

“Congratulations to Ellena Tavioni – Kate Middelton and Prince Wiliiam in Tav’s wear (Getty photo attached). Way to go Cook Islands arts community – Pearls on Hillary, Tavs on Kate – any more ideas for imaginative product placement.”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

As the website What Kate Wore reported:

This was not the dress Kate planned to wear, a story in the Daily Mail from Rebecca English reveals she planned to wear a frock purchased in London for the occasion.

She made the switch just half an hour before the banquet when she walked into her room at the hotel in Honiara and discovered that the government had left her a strapless dress with a bright pink and orange batik design.

‘She tried it on, she loved it and she is wearing it,” said a royal aide. The dress came from a shop called Island Print.

The material is hand dyed batik, a closer look reveals the motifs include flowers, fish, vines and other designs.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images/Press Association

It turns out William’s shirt was also a gift, but not a surprise, back to Rebecca’s story:

The Duke was clearly taken with his new blue shirt. In a formal visit on the Governor-General, Sir Frank Kabui, the Duke told him: ‘I have my shirt on. What do you think? Looks OK?’

UPDATED: Both William’s shirt and Kate’s dress are by Tav Pacific NZ, the company is based in New Zealand but all of the pieces are printed in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. More from the company’s website: