Selected Essays in Art Criticism

Mahiriki Tangaroa has provided us with this excellent list of essays in art criticism, for those who want to deepen their understanding of and thinking about art.

Most of these are available as PDFs on the Internet, or you may reach out to Mahiriki on her profile page to obtain a hardcopy.  Just leave word in the “Comments” section of her page.


Selected Essays in Art Criticism:

Leo Tolstoy – Art as the Communication of Feeling: From What Is Art?

Denis Dutton - Kant and the Conditions of Artistic Beauty

Denis Dutton - Why Intentionalism Won’t Go Away

Clive Bell – Art As Significant Form: From Art

David Hume – Of the Standard of Taste

Immanuel Kant – Analytic of the Beautiful

Jean Baudrillard – The Ecstasy of Communication

Monroe Beardsley – The Testability of an Interpretation

Kendall Walton – Categories of Art

Frank Sibley – Aesthetic Concepts

Ellen Dissanayake - Art as Making Special

George Dickie – What is Art?: An Institutional Analysis

Bohdan Dziemidok – Dickie’s Institutional Theory

James O Young – Artworks and Artworlds

John Brough – Who’s Afraid of Marcel Duchamp?

Blocks & Bender: Contemporary Philosophy of Art
– Art, Science, and Knowledge: Knowing the World Through Art
– What Sorts of Things Are Works of Art?