Arts Workshops in The Cook Islands

18 October 2012, Rarotonga, The Cook Islands
We have heard today that our applications to New Zealand Aid for support for six arts workshops have been finally approved!
We gratefully acknowledge the support of our Ministry of Education, our Ministry of Cultural Development, and NZAid.

To our knowledge there has never been such an extensive programme of community-based arts and arts-related education offered in the Cook Islands.
The workshops [and leaders] whose applications the Arts Community sponsored are:
- Creating with Natural and Locally Available Materials: Joan Rolls-Gragg
- Creative Communication: Victor Bond
- Drawing and Sketching: Judith Kunzlé
- Fabric and Mixed Media Collages: Andrea Eimke
- Foundational Studies in Drawing and Painting: Ani O’Neill
- Photography: Mahiriki Tangaroa

In particular, we will be delighted to highlight this overall programme and each individual workshop in the new Resources section of
Finally, we will promote this programme on our Cook Islands Arts Facebook Page.
We are happy to share these and other resources across the Cook Islands arts community… this is why we exist.
So, thank you all for your encouragement and support of The Cook Islands Arts Community.
Here we go…
Victor Bond | Member
Cook Islands Arts Community