UPDATE: Black Rock Apii Potiki Lagoon Room Exhibition

Here are a few images from the lovely reception on 23 October, at the Black Rock Apii Potiki [Pre-School] for Judith Kunzlé, the creator of the Lagoon Room.

The Principal, Stephanie Puiri, initiated this project and is doing a wonderful job.

Renowned local artist Joan Gragg attended, and fashioned two of her gorgeous Ei… one for her and one for Judith.

Who knew that Spiderman would be there?

…and that Spiderman was such an ART LOVER?

Judith described her painstaking efforts to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of every fish.

A good time was had by all…

And we mean ALL!

Combining her knowledge of natural history and keen familiarity with The Cook Islands’ lagoon fish, Judith has created an aquatic wonderland.

She hand-painted more than thirty completely accurate Cook Islands lagoon fish on the walls and doors of one of the classrooms.

Stephanie Puiri, Principal of the Black Rock Apii Potiki [Pre-School] invited parents and the public to the school to see the hard work that is going into the school as a whole, and in particular to see The Lagoon Room.

Kunzlé is very proud of her work on this voluntary project.  In addition to appealing to small children with their vibrant colors and expressions, these fish are all absolutely faithful in shape and colour to those which swim in Rarotonga waters a few hundred feet from the school door.

Blue Damsel

It is simply amazing.