Moana Gems’ 2012 Limited Edition Paddle Pendant: A Work of ART

Just in time for Vaka Eiva…

(Moon Goddess & Sun God)

2012 Limited Edition Ei Oe
(Paddle Pendant)

In Polynesian legends Ina is the Moon Goddess and Ra the Sun God. In the darkness of night she comforts us with her guiding light. His strength we feel as he brightens each day. Together they possess a great influence over Nature.

In voyages over open seas Ina & Ra are essential to traditional Polynesian navigation. During the day Ra directs the path to be followed, east, west, north, or south. At night the many phases of Ina are important in determining if good whether would prevail and therefore safe to leave port, or when it was likely that the journey would be rough and best to wait a while.

The phases of Ina are also very important in Polynesian customs and traditions in deciding the perfect time to plant and the perfect time to fish.

Ra represented all fructifying power giving life to all flora and fauna on our earth.

The paths of life, whether by land or sea, constantly change. But in nature, as in life, there is always balance;

Male & Female, Light & Dark, Fragile & Strong ……….

May your path be guided safely by our Heavenly bodies INA e RA

Kia Manuia

Designed by Allan Tuara

Available at Moana Gems, Avarua, Rarotonga, The Cook Islands