Thank You, Chickens! …an open post to Creative Communications Workshop 1

Creative Communication Workshop-1

L-R front row: Andrea Eimke, Viviane Vagt, Judith Kunzlé, Apii Rongo, Odile Urirau, Terai Joseph, Kylie Herman
L-R back row: Joan Gragg, Pa Ariki, Victor Bond, Adrian Cruz, Mary de Luze Hosking, Raita Rongo

It is very hard to believe that it all went by so fast.

Wasn’t just a few minutes ago [not four days!] that we met together for the first time at Pa Ariki’s Palace?

Pa Ariki Palace

Pa Ariki Palace

Pa Ariki’s Palace

I jumped right into the guts of WordPress and the Arras Theme to show you right away how it worked… and that you could DO THIS.

Artist Sites

And you jumped right in with me… from the beginning… listening and asking and… THINKING about what we were doing… and why.

Then we talked about Paris and your crazy teacher [Moi!] and what effective communication is and why it is so hard to do.

Paris at Night

You learned about the “Box of Chocolates” and why this is such an important concept.

Accommodation Sites

And you learned how you could apply it…

Andrea Eimke website: Art Between Cultures

Andrea Eimke website: Art Between Cultures

We learned about Google, and how we can make it our friend.

And we shared an amazing range of interests and experiences, using the great WordPress and Arras tools to connect in a new way.

So… why do we call ourselves Chickens?

Black Rock Fish Lagoon Room-4

Curious Future Student

I guess you’ll just have to come and find out.

Victor Bond