Andrea Eimke: Fabric and Mixed Media Collages: Tall Tales with Textiles and Trash

Andrea Eimke Profile

Fabric and Mixed Media Collages: Tall Tales with Textiles and Trash
Tutor: Andrea Eimke
Proposed Dates: February, 2013 (To Be Announced)
Venue: Pa Ariki’s Palace 

This workshop is aimed at persons who are interested in learning to express themselves artistically through the textile medium. It will enable the participant to gain hands-on experience with a variety of materials and techniques, but can also be beneficial from a therapeutic perspective. Participants will learn basic design principles. They will explore the properties of the course’s materials such as natural fibre fabrics, and threads, but are encouraged to also use additional mediums like paper, metal, plastic, local fibres (pandanus, coconut fibre, tapa, dried plant material) and others that they may like to incorporate. The outcome should be a wall hanging or textile sculpture to be displayed in a final public exhibition. Dedicated participants who continue working on their newly acquired skills may be able to use their creations commercially.



Introduction to basic design elements and principles, working with colours, composition, and ways of personal expression


Introduction to collage techniques with paper, and, developing one’s own design/story


Translating the paper collage to fabric and, if desired, additional non-textile mediums; developing the textile “draft”; and introduction to basic sewing and finishing techniques  


Starting with and working on the final piece(s)


Completion of work

Tutor Biography

Andrea has worked as a textile artist since 1982 and exhibited her works in solo and group exhibitions around the world. In 1986 she founded the Atiu Fibre Arts Studio, Ltd. where she has since been employed as director and designer. As a founding member, she also held the position of Vice President of the Cook Islands Tivaivai Association, Inc. In 2010 she acquired her master’s degree in Art and Design with AUT University, Auckland.