Mahiriki Tangaroa: Photography and Print Media

Mahiriki Tangeroa Profile

Photography and Print Media

Tutor: Mahiriki Tangaroa

Proposed Dates: 18-22 March 2013 (TBC)

Venue: University of the South Pacific, Cook Islands Campus


This workshop will begin with an introduction to the “photographic image” and look briefly at examples of the various types of photographic images within the print media domain. The central focus will be on Photography and Print Media and how images are created for visual communication, advertising, promotion and marketing.

Participants will be required to have their own digital camera, have a sound knowledge of using a digital camera, and uploading images to computer software programmes. As there is a component for image editing and enhancement, it is desirable that participants be familiar with imaging software programmes.




 Introduction to the Photographic Image – examples of photographers and photographic images


 Concept Briefs – Processing and Communicating Ideas through the Photographic Image


 The Photo Shoot – Selecting and Photographing Subject(s) for Print Media


 Digital Enhancement and Image Editing


 Assessment / Critique of Selected Images


 Final Presentation

 Tutor Biography

Mahiriki Tangaroa is a locally based artist of Cook Islands Heritage. She attended Canterbury University Ilam School of Fine Arts where she majored in photography. In 1998 she shifted from New Zealand to Rarotonga and began working in the painting medium. Currently working for the Ministry of Cultural Development, as Museum Curator, she continues to practice her photography through photographing national events, and producing images for publications, and promotional material.